Fireproof and waterproof backup appliance.
Hybrid saving : double protection 
Protect all your data in the RS and outsource the specific sets
Cost of Backups

Reduce the costs of your data backups.

Relevance of data backups

Increase the efficiency and the relevance of your data backups.

Configuration of Backups Sets

Simplify the configuration of your data backups.

Unproductive tasks

Release your staff of the unprofitable tasks of media backup management.

RS Backup
A powerful and flexible software which allows you to configure your saving according to your needs while respecting your working constraints. When planning is established the savings come true in an automatic way without you have to care about it. Your data is encrypted, stored redundantly on disks in a RAID array, under 24-hour surveillance, yet directly accessible without external intervention.
   RS Pilot
The impact strength of the solution, based on the capacity of replacement of each  elements, offers a virtually infinite life expectancy of your protected data.
The material state of the RS is watched in a constant way. As soon as an anomaly is detected an alert is sent to the administrator of the backups as well as to the centers of Restart System supervision.
Data protected until 840 ° Celsius for 30 minutes.
Dumping till 8 hours in 61cm of water.
From your workstation you can configure, schedule and supervise all backups in your environment and you can recovery any workstation in your environment.
No limit to the number of backup sets per station.
You can back up each station of your environment using several strategies with each stratgegie given its own unique content and schedule.
The price for backing up your entire environment, including Microsoft Exchange, is fixed.
You maintain full control over your costs.
The cost to you remains the same, even if the number of stations back up increases.
The RS offers a space of sharing of files, private or public. The data are accommodated on disks protected in the safe. You can, from house, share files with your associates or simply put down your files in the private or public space.
RS Nas
RS Nas is a safe space  on disks (in the fireproofing chest) who allow you to:
- put down the virtual machines images  with your own backup tools;
- directly drop down your files;
- share documents with your associates even of the house.

The RS is proposed in solution Sarcophagus in case you wish to use your own backup tools, then RS Nas will be the safe place for your data.